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Honzokaku Natural Remedies Center has started as a holistic healing clinic, named originally as Kasuga Honzokaku, in March 1610, in Niigata prefecture in Japan.  Then in 1900, combined with modern Western medicine, it was renamed as Honzokaku Natural Remedies Center.  The combination of medical knowledge of the east and the west has helped cure various illnesses. In 1979, Ken Kobayashi, the successor and the master healer, opened his office in Manhattan, NY. Natural Remedies Center specializes in teaching how you can cure sickness and uncomfortable, day-to-day imbalances while encouraging self-healing. Based on our philosophy, we recommend you medicinal herbs, good diet, along with good habits to adopt.  

Our method is to seek the true, underlying causes of the symptoms and treat both causes and symptoms, not just controlling symptoms.  Mostly, there is no side effect from this healing process.  However, sometimes when patients have a large amount of toxins in the body, some discomfort can be expected as detoxification processes occur. We are here to guide you and help you go through your healing process with a minimum of discomfort.
Ken has been a successful healing professional for over 61 years and takes pride in his work, but cannot guarantee to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Honzokaku takes no responsibility for individual's reaction to the supplements, herbal teas or treatments. We also recommend you seek consultation from a doctor (M.D.) for any condition you may have.