OUR PHILOSOPHY :  Honzokaku Natural Remedies Center concentrates on teaching how to cure sickness, addresses general imbalances causing discomfort, and encourages self-healing. 

Based on our philosophy, we provide holistic options for healing, happiness and homeostasis maintenance.  Our method is to seek the true origin of the issue, and treat both underlying causes and manifestations, not just controlling the resultant symptoms.  There is essentially no side effect from this healing process. However, accumulation of large amounts of toxins and stress in the body can possibly create some unpleasantness as the detoxification processes occur.  We are here to guide and help you through your healing process with minimum discomfort. Please check our website < www.kensheaven.com >, and < https://healthwire.fm/shows/homeostasis > for more information or questions about our services and products.



The focal point of Ken’s therapy at Honzokaku Natural Remedies Center is to generate healing using various traditional recipes and natural ingredients, rather than chemicals and artificially created medicines.  Many wisdoms are passed down from one generation to another through practice in Ken’s family, as well as once known in other households.  Some of these methods are so simple, that they are brushed aside as primitive home remedies and now barely used, if not forgotten.  Dr.Ken will show you these easy, yet effective curatives and teach them to you step by step.  You will see that nature is abundant with natural medicines and we are surrounded by them.



Honzokaku Natural Remedies Center began as a holistic healing clinic in Niigata prefecture of Japan. Originally named Kasuga Honzokaku, it was established in March 1610. Renamed in 1900 to Honzokaku Natural Remedies Center, the first American office was opened in Manhattan, NY by Dr. Ken Kobayashi, Ph.D. As a master healer, a master healing minister and the family successor of the clinic, Dr. Ken implements his special technique to return his patients to maintain homeostasis and achieve wellness & happiness.

About Dr.Ken Kobayashi, Ph.D., Master Healing Minister

Ken Lucas Kobayashi, Master Healer, maintains a thriving practice in New York City. His healing knowledge derives, in part from his family heritage. The Kobayashi family have been well known healers in Japan for over four hundred and fifty years. Ken learned much of his therapeutic technique from “hands on” experience in his family’s clinic, and has since been healing people for over 60 years.

Ken not only heals, but also teaches self-healing.
He has distilled his many years of experience into the Kobayashi Technique. The Kobayashi technique is made up of 7 elements:

  • Quantum Wave Healing – harnessing the healing power of nature
  • Organic Yakuzen – a special wellness diet
  • Herbal Remedy – custom made for the individual
  • Doh-In Koh Exercise – for rejuvenation and self improvement
  • Holistic Session – ancient Asian healing therapies
  • Feng Shui Koh – the practice of harnessing the energy and the order of nature into your home
  • The Way of Life Path – including the Kabbalah technique and Metaphysics for peace, health, and happiness

Ken believes that everyone has healing power that is usually untapped and undeveloped. His goal is to help clients regulate imbalances by teaching them to be more aware of the body’s natural rhythm and needs. This prevents the development of illness, and enables people to grow old gracefully. Ken places his faith in preventative medicine and the natural way of life, yet still respects modern Western Medicine, all religions and philosophies. Clients are encouraged to maintain a harmonious balance by interacting with nature.

Ken L. Kobayashi takes pride in making his knowledge and skills available to you.